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Feature Requests

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Consistent use of VSWR legends Done Medium v0.8.0.2  
Autoscaling for scalar chart Done Medium v0.8.0.3  
Windows 8 compatibility  Done High v0.8.0.2  
User programmable scales Done Medium v0.8.0.3  
Increased precision of L measurements in Single Frequency mode Done Medium v0.8.0.4  
Change Computer Control option from Setup menu to Mode menu Done Medium v0.8.0.2  
Review Bitmap improvements Done Medium v0.8.0.6  
Add/substract transmission line feature Done Medium v0.8.0.0 New functionality to add or substract a transmission line; i.e. transpose to input or transpose to load 
Custom reference impedance (Z0) setting Done Low v0.8.0.7  
Signal generator mode Done Medium v0.8.0.7 New operation mode that allows output a sinewave of an user programable frequency and level (selected from a list) 
Add Marker to Field mode Done Medium v0.8.0.8 Implemented by display of Max and Min values. I think this would be more straightforward to use and enough for most cases 
"Multi-band" mode Done Medium v0.8.0.9 New operation mode to display four bands in a scalar chart 
Color themes Done Medium v0.8.0.10  
Add cable types: Aircell7 and ecoflex10/aircom+ Done Medium v0.8.0.11  
Check load ranges in OSL calibration mode Done Low v0.8.0.12  
Added sampling setting Done Low v0.8.0.12  
Added line thickness settigs Done Low v0.8.0.12  
Zoom in cable test mode mode Done Low v0.8.0.14  
User programmable frequency presets Done Low v0.8.0.15  
Default marker positions for user programmable frequency presets Done Low v0.8.0.15  
Load/store data files in FDR mode Done Low v0.8.0.16  
Custom cable parameters Done Low v0.8.0.17 User specified cable parameters from a file (up to three cables) 
Signal Generator: sweep modes Done Low v0.8.0.19  
Cable Loss measurements Done Low v0.8.2 Measurement of cable losses in dB 
Screen rotation Done Low v0.8.3.0  
Self-timer save Done Low v0.8.3.1  
Support of multiple OSL profiles Done Low v0.8.3.1  
Equivalent circuit models: inductor/capacitor Done Medium v0.8.3.2  
Specify frequency range for OSL calibration Done Medium v0.8.0.10  
Additional coax cable settings: Westflex 103, URM,... Done Low v0.8.3.9  
Frequency ranges in OSL calibration Done Medium v0.8.3.10  
Load status during OSL calibration Done Low v0.8.3.12  
SRL Measurements Not Started Low   
Measure transmission line parameters Done Medium v0.8.3.13 Get Z0, VF, and insertion loss parameters from a transmission line 
Super accuracy deep sweep Done Medium v0.8.3.14  
Disable/enable beep Done Low v0.8.3.14  
Display backlight brightness control Done Low v0.8.3.14  
Single-shot mode Done Low v0.8.3.14  
Circuit models, save measurements in tabular format Done Medium v0.8.5.0  
Field mode: add VSWR and impedance reading at center frequency Done Low v0.8.5.2  
Cable Test: add 1/8 and 1/16 zoom modes Done Low v0.8.5.7  
Setup units: meters or feet Done Low v0.8.5.9  
Impedance matching network calculator (L/C) Done Low v0.8.6.5  
Choice between fh & fl OR fc & span.  Done Low v0.8.6.13  
Remove center dot in '0'  Done Low v0.8.6.13  
Change button action from screenshot to save csv Done Low v0.8.6.13 Implemented as shortcut pressing Nav A with <File> option selected  
Shortcuts with Nav A Done Low v0.8.6.13 Toggle freq entry mode, Markers Info and File Save 
Add option to move marker freq to center Done Low v0.8.6.14  
Constant-Q lines in Smith Chart Done Low v0.8.6.14  
Specification of cal load models Not Started Low   
Zoom in Smith chart  Done Low v0.8.6.15  
Signal Gen mode, add explanative text for Tx status Done Low v0.8.6.15  
Markers stay at the same frequency when changing frequency/span  Done Low v0.8.6.15  
Skip load calibration Postponed Low  Changing this breaks backward compatibility with existing cal. Looking for alt. solution 
Save file changed base name when saving data/screenshots Done Low v0.8.6.15  
Save data in multiband mode Done Low v0.8.6.15  
Disable charts in multiband mode Done Low v0.8.6.15  
Configurable average samples number from SARK Plots Done Low v0.8.6.15  
Add plots for conductance, admitance and susceptance Not Started Low   
Band Scan mode Done Low v0.8.7.0 Basic spectrum analyzer mode for signal measurements 
Signal generator AM modulation  Done Low v0.8.7.0  
Chart for the transmission line parameters Not Started Low   
Marking the center frequency in the Smith Chat Done Low v0.8.7.4  
Add possibility to enter (and display) a name for the calibration profiles Done Low v0.8.7.4  
Equivalent circuit model coil with high loss  Not Started Low   
Aids for coax stubs tunning Done Low v0.9.2  
Additional zoom options for Smith Chart Not Started Low   
Marker in Field Mode Not Started Low   
Display Profile Names in OSL Profiles menu Done Low v0.10.5  
RX Function in signal generator mode Done Low v0.10.5  
Store/recall multiple configurations Not Started Low   
Showing 71 items