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G3TJP Calibration Loads and Repair Services

Dave - G3TJP, offers a set of calibration loads hand-assembled to a high standard using quality materials.  Also, he offers repair services for customers in the UK.

OSL calibration, see User Manual Appendix D, may be performed with pigtail leads having either BNC or SMA series female connectors.

Detector calibration, see User Manual Appendix F, may be performed using the MCX-SMA adapter and SMA loads.

The resistors used in the loads are 0.1% thin-film SMT. The short circuit loads are made with copper foil thoroughly soldered to the plug.

The loads are completely screened but are not waterproof. As the SMT resistors are very small and of a low wattage, the calibration loads should not be subjected to electrical or electronic abuse.

The following items are provided in this set:

a) 1 each – Fixed short, BNC male
b) 1 each – Open circuit, BNC male
c) 1 each – 49.9 ohm. BNC male
d) 1 each – Fixed short, SMA male
e) 1 each – Open circuit, SMA male
f) 1 each – 49.9 ohm, SMA male
g) 1 each – 100 ohm, SMA male
h) 1 each – 200 ohm, SMA male
i) 1 each – SMA female male to MCX male adapter

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