Upgrading the Firmware

The SARK-110’s firmware may be upgraded via USB as described in the following steps. This procedure assumes you have downloaded the appropriate update file from: http://www.sark110.com/files/firmware

The downloaded file has the following format:

SARK110-APP-x.y.z.dfu.zip Where x.y.z is the incremental version number.

The downloaded file has to be unzipped to produce an update file in the format:


  • Note: earlier versions have a different file name: SARK110-VAA-APP-x.y.z.dfu


1. Connect the SARK-110 to the PC with a USB cable

2. Locate the SARK’s USB flash drive unit using the File Explorer of your PC

3. Copy the firmware file, e.g. SARK110-APP.x.y.z.dfu to the SARK’s USB flash drive unit

4. Do a safe eject of the SARK’s USB flash drive unit from your computer

5. Power off the SARK-110 and power it on again while simultaneously holding down the Run/Hold [►||] button

6. The Device Firmware Upgrade screen prompts you to install the firmware file

7. If several firmware files are on the SARK’s USB flash drive unit, use Navigator B to select the file to load

8. The firmware upgrade will commence after pressing the Select [■] button

9. Once complete, press the “Save Conf” [▲] button, which will reset the analyzer and run the upgraded firmware

10. Select «Setup»«About» and check if the firmware version shown on the screen agrees with the installed one