SARK Remote

SARK-110 Remote Screen is an application for Windows that reproduces the user interface of the device. This is a experimental functional application intended mainly for doing presentations on the device, but not intended to replace the SARK Plots client.

For operation, the analyzer has to be connected to the PC and configured in Computer Control mode.

The program simulates the SARK-110 internal disk drive and stores the contents in the file "SARK110-DISK.FAT" of the PC. In the <File> menu there are options to Import and Export the files to the device file system, or even from another directory in the PC.

It is recommended to Import the files from the device disk the first time, in order to retrieve the calibration files. Otherwise, it will be necessary to perform the calibration (Detector and OSL) from this program.

Device buttons are simulated using the following map to the computer keys: