Connector upgrade kit

No longer available.

Connector upgrade kit for the SARK-110 from third party, link.


    • 3D printed bracket (PLA)

    • 2x M2x0.4x14 screws

    • 1x SMA Female Jack to MCX Male Plug RF Connector

    • 1x BNC Female Bulkhead Jack to SMA Male Plug Straight Pigtail 6in

    • 1X 3D Printed SMA grip

3D Printable Models

N9DK posted the design of a bracket that can be printed in 3D; see link

Also, there is another bracket design at the following link. This design is a bit weaker than the design above, but it fits inside the protective rubber case.

See below some samples printed at Sculpteo.

Support screws (M2x14mm) can be purchased in the following link