Formatting the internal drive

There may be situations in which the file system of the internal drive of the SARK-110 becomes corrupted. This could have been caused due to an unsafe eject, power interruption during file access or a race condition between the computer and the SARK-110 firmware.

A corrupted file system may cause unwanted effects such as reported incorrect free space values, the calibration is not preserved after cycling the device power or data files that cannot be stored or recalled.

To solve the issue first try to repair the drive using the Windows "Scan and repair drive" tool or equivalent tool if using another operating system. If this does not fix the issue, use the format tool in the computer or select the Reset Factory option in the Setup menu of the analyzer, and select the Format Disk option. Before formatting the drive, it is convenient making a copy of the existing files in the internal drive to the computer’s drive. After formatting the drive, the saved files can be restored back to the SARK-110’s internal drive.