The SARK110 SDK allows the development of user applications for the device or using the device as a platform for experiments.

The SDK provides the following basic functionalities:

    • Graphic display

    • Keypad

    • Buzzer

    • USB (Mass Storage Driver)

    • DDS

    • Timer

    • ADC driver

    • FAT file system

    • Sample application

In addition the SDK provides a device simulator for developing the application on the PC without the need of the actual hardware, intended mainly for the development of the user interface of the application. This simulator requires the Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual C++) programming environment.

The screenshot below shows the simulation environment:

For target development it is required the STM32CubeIDE programming environment,.

Alternatively it is provided a project ready to be compiled under CodeSourcery Lite and Eclipse. The setup of this enviroment is described in the following link.

Since the complete SDK source code is provided, it should be possible porting to other tool-chains for the STM32.


SDK Contents

The project is hosted at SourceForge, link

    • “” SDK Source code and project files (Atollic)

    • “” SDK Source code and project files (CodeSourcery + Eclipse)

    • “SARK110-SDK-API.chm” API Documentation

Quick Tutorial

This tutorial describes the minimum steps required to build the application for the SARK-110, and then debug the application for the simulation.

For the first step you will need uncompressing the “” file to your directory location set as Workspace for Atollic TrueSTUDIO.

Then from STM32CubeIDE (or Eclipse with CodeSourcery Lite) you have to import this project to your Workspace. You will have to select the Project Explorer tab, click the mouse right button, and select the <Import…> menu option. After that you will have to select <General><Existing Projects into Workspace> and click [Next]. Finally you will have to browse in <Select root directory > to the root location of the decompressed files from previous step and click [Finish]. The project will be now part of the Workspace.

After that the project will be ready so you will have to build the Release Configuration. The build result file will be “SARK110-BASE-APP.hex”. Then open the DFU File Manager and select the option <I want to GENERATE a DFU file from s19, HEX or BIN files>. Afterwards select [S19 or HEX…] and browse to the “SARK110-BASE-APP.hex” file. Finally click [Generate…] and give a name to the destination file, e.g. “SARK110-BASE-APP.dfu”. This file could be now installed in the SARK-110 following the instructions from Appendix B of the user manual. It is recommended having a copy of the SARK-110 firmware in the USB disk in order to revert to the original firmware.

The steps for the simulation environment are even more straightforward. From Visual Studio open the Solution File “SARK110-BASE-APP.sln” located in “..\SARK110-BASE-APP\win32” directory. You will have to build the Debug Configuration and then you will be ready to debug the application. The SARK-110 simulation will run in a separate window.

Tutorial in Video