SARK Plots for Android

Sark Plots for Android is a free application to control the SARK-110 and SARK-110-ULM antenna analyzers from a tablet or smartphone. The application is still very basic and new features are in development, so stay tuned...

The communication with the Android device is via USB or Bluetooth LE interfaces (SARK-110-ULM only). For the USB communication, you will need a USB OTG cable and a device that supports USB OTG function.

Release notes

v1.0.4 3-Dec-2019

    • Extended frequency range up to 1 GHz

v1.0.3 4-July-2019

    • BLE fixes

v1.0.2 9-Nov-2018

    • Sometimes frequency settings are not recognized

v1.0.1 18-June-2018:

    • Fast scan mode for improving sweep time -more noticeable when using Bluetooth

    • Added fixed scale settings

v1.0.0 3-June-2018: Initial release