SARK Remote for Android

SARK-110 Remote Screen for Android is an experimental application that mimics the operation of the device on a tablet or a smartphone.

The application can be installed using the APK file available at the bottom of this page. It is not available at the Play Store.

The communication with the Android device is done through USB, so you will need a USB OTG cable and a tablet or smartphone that supports the USB OTG function. For operation, the analyzer has to be connected to the Android device using the USB OTG cable and configured in Computer Control mode. The application is automatically launched when connecting the SARK-110.

It is recommended to Import the files from the device disk the first time, in order to retrieve the calibration files. This is because it fully simulates the internal drive of the SARK-110 and by default this drive is empty. Otherwise, it will be necessary to perform the calibration (Detector and OSL) from this app.

For importing the files, you will need to select the menu option <Import Files>. In some Android devices the app is able to access to the internal drive of the SARK-110 and retrieve automaticaly the files. However, this method does not work in all Android devices, so you will need to put manually the files in the folder /SARK110Remote/imp of your Android device. When the import operation is completed succesfully, the application is automatically restarted.

The captured files can be exported using the menu option <Export Files>. The files are exported to folder /SARK110Remote/exp of your Android device.

The SARK-110 buttons are simulated by virtual buttons located on the right side of the screen.